2023 January E-Newsletters

Dec 31, 2022

January, 2023 Special Events Update – Please click here to read it.


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Happy New Year!

The year 2023 will mark a year of celebration in District 23 as we turn 50 years old as a RTOERO community, along with the other 3 Toronto Districts.

The Planning Committee, under the leadership of VP Sara Di Nallo will be arranging several celebratory events throughout the year.

If you have pictures you would like to share with us; please send them along with a brief comment or an anecdote of something you experienced with our group. Submissions can be sent to our President: Maureen Capotosto at: [email protected]

Many of our events will continue this month. Nordic Pole Walking will not resume until warmer weather in March and there is no North York Strollers event this month. Please see the outline for the month’s activities below and the announcement of new theatrical productions, trips, webinars and a cooking event! Registration forms are available on our D23 website, in STONY Bridges, on Facebook and Twitter, and in the body of this E-Newsletter.

We hope you can join us!



Photos courtesy of Shutterstock.