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22-08-05 e-Devices Technology Meeting

Aug 07, 2022

Free, from Google and Microsoft

Useful apps for your smartphone

In our recent meeting (Friday 2022 August 5, by Zoom) we looked at 2 useful apps from Google and Microsoft, free, for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Google Photo Scan uses your phone’s camera to convert printed photographs and decorative diplomas into digital files. Original prints can be lost or damaged. Digital copies can be easily reprinted and shared.

Microsoft Office Mobile uses your phone’s camera to turn anything into a digital Microsoft Office file. Turn text (printed documents, signs) into Word documents, lists and charts into Excel spreadsheets, photograph anything and make it a PowerPoint slide or PDF file.

Download the slides from the presentation here, the video recording of the meeting will be posted in a few days.

Join us at our next Zoom meeting Friday August 19. If you have not already registered with the Group, email me [email protected] for details.