April 2023 e-Newsletter

Mar 13, 2023

Spring has sprung according to the 2023 calendar — but Mother Nature needs to work a little harder to fulfill the traditional attributes we associate with the arrival of spring!
We need to feel the warmth of the sun, see our lawns grow green and flowers burst through their beds.
Spring is the season for new beginnings….

April will be a busy month for many. There are many special events for families to be observed: Ramadan has already begun, Passover, Easter and Earth Day will come later this month. The sporting life will be enhanced as Baseball returns to Toronto and the playoff seasons will begin for Hockey and Basketball.
It’s that time of year – days are getting longer. Maple syrup season is almost here. And we’re getting ready to file our taxes. Income Tax will need to be calculated as it is due on April 30th (all payments) or by May 1st as the deadline is on a Sunday! Check out the End of Year Tax Tips from RTOERO:

Most of our activities are operating with new members being encouraged to join and participate. We continue to introduce new events associated with our 50th Anniversary celebrations this year. Many are outlined in full detail in the Spring edition of STONY Bridges which you should have received either online or through Canada Post over the past couple of weeks. Copies of the Anniversary edition are also available on our website:

Both our website and our STONY Bridges magazine, will contain all of the registration forms and links to these events. Read all about what has been planned and register early!

ERRATA: The Pole Walking event on Tuesday, April 18 at 10:00 a.m. will begin at York Mills Arena (York Mills and Bayview) and not Bayview Arena as incorrectly noted in this e-Newsletter and STONY Bridges.

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Karen Quinn, Communications Convener