How to Recognize Abuse When It “Doesn’t Bleed”?

Oct 24, 2022

Parents Quarrelling

One Voice: Responding to Domestic Violence in our Community

Convener: Cheryl Paige

Session 2: Wednesday, February 1, 2023 (10 a.m.to 11 a.m.)

Eva Karpati, Moderator

The One Voice speakers for session two will help participants recognize the signs of VAW and coercive control, as well as indications of trauma. Other areas that will be addressed include:

  • Signs of trauma;
  • Common types of psychological and emotional abuse, including those which target seniors;
  • Patterns of behaviour that demonstrate coercive control and the vicious cycle of abuse;
  • Signs of trauma;
  • What healthy and equitable relationships look like;
  • Essential questions to ask of a suspected victim of domestic violence;
  • The importance of believing victims; and
  • What supportive responses look like.

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