June, 2024 e-Newsletter

May 30, 2024

June, 2024 e-Newsletter

As we leave behind the month of May, we welcome the arrival of the summer season. The days are warmer and our city is buzzing with the sidewalk cafés, summer concerts and festivals being announced and plans are developing for many to travel and enjoy all the season has to offer. June marks the end of the school year for our former colleagues and hopefully some of those who are opting to retire, will join us here in D23 in September. We acknowledge our dads on June 16 on Father’s Day, we acknowledge National Indigenous Day on June 21 and we prepare to celebrate our country and its history on July 1st on Canada Day, the first long weekend of the summer.

June marks the end of our monthly events and most will resume in September. Please see the outline for the month’s activities below and the announcement of new theatrical
productions and theatre trips! Remember to plan early to attend to avoid disappointment when those productions are sold out. Registration forms are available on our D23
website, in STONY Bridges, on Facebook and in the body of this email.

We hope you can join us!




Karen Quinn

Communications Coordinator

Photos courtesy of Shutterstock.