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Apr 18, 2024

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RTOERO District 23 North York is celebrating our 50th Anniversary in 2023!

RTOERO and District 23,  North York have a long history of serving North York, Toronto Education Retirees and the many who join us having moved to Toronto. The links below provide access to assorted archival material that reflects our journey.
Our name hearkens back to our roots in 1968 when we were first established to serve the needs of retired teachers of Ontario. Since then we have extended our membership to welcome all Ontario educational support staff from schools and school boards, as well as college and university faculty.

If you live or worked in or near North York, we invite you to join District 23 North York. We offer our 2,800 members a wide range of social activities that are described in our magazine STONY Bridges and our monthly E-Newsletter. Follow us on Twitter @RTO23_NorthYork for a curated feed of news relevant to education, seniors, and health issues. Also join us on Facebook.

X (Twitter): @RTO23_NorthYork
Facebook: RTOERODistrict23NorthYork