50th Anniversary Project – Je Me Souviens

Jan 22, 2022

Despite doing the heavy lifting at local RTOERO districts, members who volunteer countless hours on District Boards are seldom recognized and never remembered. Past Presidents are listed on Annual Reports, but secretaries, treasurers, editors, webmasters and other conveners are forgotten after they retire or die on the job. There may be mention of them in the Archives, but this information is not readily available.

In this 50th Anniversary Project, District 23, North York is REMEMBERING these members who soldiered on to make and keep this District ALIVE and WELL. Without them, RTOERO would have been no different than any other health insurance company.

Sifting through 50 years or archives to compile an alphabetical list of Executive Members would have been a Herculean task. And fleshing out names would have been impossible.


We are asking all past District 23, North York Executive Members to complete the form below to etch your name on our HONOUR ROLL so that you can be recognized and REMEMBERED for your valuable contributions to North York District IN PERTETUITY. Not just as a name, but someone with a soul, spirit and story.

Sadly, some of our former Executive Members have died on the job and others after they retired from the Executive of District 23. Rather than leave their Wall empty, we encourage friends and family who knew them to submit their epitaph on their behalf.
Contact information of the submitter or member will not be published on the website – it is being collected for internal use, verification and clarification of information.

The following information is being collected:

  • Name of Executive Member
  • Awards (optional)
  • Positions Held at RTOERO District 23 – dates and positions
    • If this information is not available, a summary will suffice
  • Brief Bio (optional)
  • Photograph (optional)

A preliminary list of names has been collected and published alphabetically on our HONOUR ROLL at:

By completing and submitting this form, you will add your name or that of the Executive Member you are remembering to the webpage.

If  you experience technical difficulties completing the form below, please contact Mervyn Mascarenhas, Webmaster at (416) 254-7752 or [email protected].

Thanks for supporting Project Je Me Souviens.