February 2024 e-Newsletter UPDATED

Jan 01, 2024

Please note the important February 2024 updates below – they include a date change and a new Strollers Event.

February is the month of hearts and family and is the shortest month of the year – but this year is a Leap Year!
This Saturday, February 3, Toronto will host the All Star Game at the Scotiabank Arena for the first time since 2000. Look for all of these superstars downtown this weekend. Later in the month, football fans will cheer on the final two teams: the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL Super Bowl game being played in Paradise, Nevada on Sunday, February 11. Get the chili on the stove, or in the InstaPot, for the game day meals!

For those of you who follow the entertainment field closely each winter season, we will be able to watch the Grammy Awards for music on Sunday, February 4. We will then have a month to catch up on viewing the Oscar nominated pictures for the Academy Awards Show on Sunday, March 10. Enjoy that experience ~ there are some great films out there!

We also celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th and Family Day on February 19th. The love associated with these special days provide a perfect time to be in touch with those who have helped us through good times and struggles.

Many of our regular events are running this month and our Trips/Events Convener, Mary Valtellini is sharing some newly planned activities ~ the registration information is presented below and on the District 23 Website ~ links are provided as well. Additional information will be available in the March edition of STONY Bridges.

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Karen Quinn

Communications Coordinator