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August 2023 e-Newsletter

May 15, 2023

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Welcome back as we continue to celebrate our 50th Anniversary as RTOERO District 23 this fall. This is our first update as we near the end of the “dog days of summer”! We have had rainy weather days, warm, sunny days, high humidity and traffic woes to battle across the GTA, but the season for most of us has been enjoyable and most appreciated.  In this edition of our e-Newsletter we welcome 25 new members to our district. We hope these monthly publications supplement the STONY Bridges magazine and will keep you abreast of what is happening each month.
Many of you have already received the digital version of the Summer edition of STONY Bridges.  Canada Post has received the final print of the magazine and you can expect it to arrive in your homes over the next two weeks. Congratulations to Jane Matthews as the new Design and Layout editor to our team.   The issue will contain detailed articles on the upcoming events from September to December.
A reminder ~ The digital version of STONY Bridges can be found on our D23 website:

All of the registration forms and information can be found at the above website link.

This e-Newsletter will highlight the trips and major events where registration is required and will indicate where forms can be located when you receive the print issue. We hope you enjoy the final few weeks of summer and time spent travelling and visiting with family and friends!

Karen Quinn, Communications Convener
August 10, 2023
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Cover photo:  K. Quinn