District 23 awards 2021 grant to promote health of urban wildlife

Jun 22, 2022

Thanks to a $2,500 grant from District 23 North York in 2021, the Toronto Wildlife Centre will expand its promotional efforts, centred on the peaceful coexistence of humans and wildlife.

The Toronto Wildlife Centre provides education and expert advice about wildlife situations, as well as medical care to sick and orphaned wild animals, with the goal of releasing healthy animals back into the wild.

This project will increase awareness of the challenges of urban wildlife and our overall environmental impact. Information will touch on backyard biodiversity, responses to encounters with wildlife, trapping and relocation issues, the care and safety of cats and birds, and how to support wildlife that is injured or caught in life-threatening situations.

The District 23 funding is part of RTOERO’s annual Community Grants program. Districts apply for individual projects (education-related or other community initiatives) that support local international programs. Up to $2,500 per project is available.

“The project we’re funding aims to creating a safer and more caring environment for urban wildlife, and promote environmental stewardship in the community,” says Mary Valtellini, president, District 23 North York.

Each year, a committee of RTOERO members assesses the merits of each Grant submission. For 2021, RTOERO funded 31 projects for a total of $79,885. Since the inception of the Community Grants program 21 years ago, RTOERO has donated $1.85 million to more than 525 programs and projects.