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October 2023 e-Newsletter

Aug 06, 2023

Fall has arrived and the cooler nights are beginning to create the colours that bring the spectacular scenery we enjoy seeing each year.  Newscasts, social media  and morning papers feature local spots where we can travel to see the colours of autumn in their natural settings; apple trees continue to bear their fruits and families scramble to get their pumpkins for home decorations. Apple, cinnamon and pumpkin scents fill our homes (and local bakery/coffee shops) with the baking that will occur with family favourites throughout the month.  In this season of thanksgiving, we gather to show appreciation for our health, many blessings and for the efforts we have made for our families and our communities.

Next weekend, we celebrate Thanksgiving, where we gather with family and friends. The Blue Jays are playing for a “wild card entry” to the playoffs this week and we wish them good luck.  The Raptors and the Maple Leafs begin their seasons as well and there are high hopes for the success of all teams. We will end the month with the annual Halloween activities

Last week 200 members gathered at Parkview Manor to celebrate our newest members at the Champagne Breakfast. Kudos to Mildred Frank and her team of assistants who made the morning so successful. It was an amazing gathering which will soon be repeated on Wednesday, October 18th at our District 23 Gala 50th Anniversary Luncheon.

This e-Newsletter looks at the coming events for the month and the return of the North York Strollers.  For each event, you are asked to respond to a key contact or convener, to indicate your desire to participate, by email on a particular deadline.

The Fall/Winter STONY Bridges articles have been submitted to Associate Editor Maureen Capotosto to create the new issue and will hopefully be in your homes in November.  Remember to keep appraised of the most current events by checking out Facebook:


RTOERO Webinars, newly developed, are always listed in these pages and are valuable and informative.  The links to register for these sessions will be available at the Facebook link above.

We hope you enjoy the colourful month of October and choose to be involved in any of the activities outlined below.

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Karen Quinn, Communications Convener

Cover photo: K. Quinn