Out of the Shadows: Empowering Awareness of Domestic Violence

Jul 31, 2022

Thursday, October 13, 2022, 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Presenter: Eva Karpati, Co-Chair – One Voice – Multifaith Women Working To End Violence Against Women

Convener: Cheryl Paige, Community Service

Please register for this Zoom Meeting at:
The webinar will be recorded and made available for playback on the RTOERO District 23 YouTube Channel a few weeks after the event.

One Voice: Responding to Domestic Violence in Our Community

This year RTOERO District 23 applied for an RTOERO Community Service Grant 2022-23 to support One Voice, an initiative that addresses Domestic Violence (DV) in our communities. Our partner in this initiative is the National Council of Jewish Women Canada, Toronto (NCJWCT).

This initiative developed because of rising issues of abuse. A group of multi-faith women gathered to propose solutions because Domestic Violence (DV) is a crime across all faiths. As a result of workshops and meetings, it was determined that faith leaders do not have access to reliable, appropriate resources to support victims of DV.

Thus, project One Voice was born to create a multi-faith Tool Kit that would bring appropriate and needed materials to support faith leaders. Over the last three years, the One Voice Committee crystalized the content for the Tool Kit. Now the goal is to provide this resource to all faith leaders in the GTA and create a website with resources and information about DV.

As a result of this partnership, our members will have access to speakers, workshops, Tool Kit resources and articles in STONY Bridges that address domestic violence and abuse. In addition, they will learn about patterns of control in which the victim is manipulated or coerced to stay in a relationship that reinforces the power of the abuser, a form of bullying or coercive control.

The Project builds on a multi-faith (Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Hindu, etc.) and secular initiative. We are looking forward to our new partnership with One Voice.